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Welcome to the ECELS-Healthy Childcare PA website. Bookmark the home page URL now for future use.  We offer several ways to navigate the site efficiently. ECELS has many materials and activities to support quality group care for children. Explore our website to find what you need

  1. Select the title that best fits your role to select items that are most useful for you.
  2. Use the 10 rotating topic choices on the home page to select an area that contains documents related to that topic.
  3. Select one of the types of information listed across the top of every webpage on this site. Some items are accessible from more than place on the website. Each has a primary location. If you select an item that is listed somewhere other than your current location, the website will take you to the primary location for that item. You can check where you are on the website by looking at the path(bread crumbs) near the top of each page. Sometimes the path uses abbreviations. For example: "Home>EECCP>Professional Development/Training>Self-Learning Modules" means you started on the Home page, selected the Early Education and Child Care Professional role, then Professional Development/Training, and then Self-Learning Modules. If you pick an item that has a different primary location from where you are, the path will change to show where your selection took you. To retrace your steps, you can select the part of the path where you want to go. The exception is that if you jumped to a primary location for an item that was listed somewhere else, the path will show where you found that item. Remember, you can always choose a location from the top menu bar.
  4. If you are looking for an item, and don't know where to look for it, enter a key word for that topic in the Search Box at the top of the home page. For example, if you are interested in playground safety, use "playground" or "active play" in the search box, and then select the document you want to view.

For some items, the content exceeds what you can view on the screen where you find the title of the item. Click "Read more" or "View item" to see all of the content.

Any website user may download, and print the materials or share them electronically, as long as you cite ECELS as the source and do not change them. We suggest you use this citation: ‘, accessed [insert date] with permission.’ Please contact us with your questions, concerns and suggestions. 

If you find it difficult to read some of the print due to the small font size, PC users can increase the font size to make the page easier to read. Hold down the Ctrl (Control) key and press the "+" key. This will increase the font size. This can be done multiple times. To reduce the font size, hold down the Ctrl (Control) key and press the "-" key.

Pennsylvania website users can request materials, Workshops and Self-Learning Modules on-line. Out-of-state users should contact ECELS to discuss requests and related costs.

Some downloadable documents are in PDF format. To read and use web links in PDF documents on this website, be sure you have Adobe Reader.  It is free to download from[S1] .

On our website, you will find many web links to other sites with reliable information.  We try to keep all the content on the ECELS website current, but other organizations may change their links. Generally, we use links to the home page of other organizations so you can search there for the document you want. If you find a link on our website that is no longer active, please let us know.  All comments about our website, questions, requests for technical assistance are welcome. Just click on Contact Us and send your message. Reviewed and reaffirmed 5/2019.