Health Professional

On this website, the term "Health Professional" designates all those in the health-related disciplines with expertise related to improving the quality of early education and before and after school child care.

For example, this term broadly applies to primary and specialty providers of health care for children, parents and staff members; oral health professionals, nutrition professionals, developmental-behavioral health professionals, environmental health professionals, sanitarians, and injury prevention-safety-emergency preparedness experts. 


  • Professional Development Fee
    ECELS offers professional development through modules and recorded webinars on a fee-for-service basis.    The co-pay review fee is $15.00 per person/per topic. 
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    Register for the Spring 2018 online Child Care Health Advocate Course at Northampton Community College.The course will run from January 16, 2018 through May 14, 2018. Directors, lead teachers and others in the early education field learn to assess, identify, and prioritize health and safety needs of children and staff, and to collaborate with a nurse or physician child care…
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