Dental Health Month Promotion Resources

February is Dental Health Month - this year's campaign slogan is "Brush and clean in between to build a healthy smile!” Oral health is essential to overall health. Take steps to improve the oral health of children in your care.
Consider educating families, staff, and children about the importance of oral health to overall health by:
1. Engaging children in a daily oral health routine using the Classroom Circle Brushing poster
2. Identifying resources to help promote oral health care such as:
• Brush, Book, Bed,, a program of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), has a simple and clear message for parents:

•Free resources from the American Dental Association (ADA), including posters and activity sheets for kids, at:
• Cavity Free Kids at, an oral health education for young children and their families designed for uses including early care and education.
• Oral Health Resources
3. Helping to find a dentist, using the following links:
• American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry – Find a Pediatric Dentist:
• American Dental Association – Find a Dentist: Pennsylvania Dental Association:
• Find Dentists Accepting Medical Assistance:
• Pennsylvania Head Start’s Initiative Healthy Smiles, Happy Children: A Dentist for Every Child