Stay Safe Outdoors in Cold Weather

Participation in outdoor activities during colder weather is possible. Outdoor play can be enjoyable when children and staff dress appropriately. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers this advice:
Adults and children should wear:
   •  a hat
   •  a scarf or knit mask to cover face and mouth
   •  sleeves that are snug at the wrist
   •  mittens (they are warmer than gloves)
   •  water-resistant coat and boots
   •  several layers of loose-fitting clothing

   •  Inner Layer: Wear fabrics that will hold more body heat and don’t absorb moisture. Wool, silk, or polypropylene will hold more body heat than cotton.
   •  Insulation Layer: An insulation layer will help you retain heat by trapping air close to your body. Natural fibers, like wool, goose down, or a fleece work best.
   •  Outer Layer: The outermost layer helps protect you from wind, rain, and snow. It should be tightly woven, and preferably water and wind resistant, to reduce loss of body heat. accessed 1/27/2021

Beware of signs of frostbite and hypothermia (abnormally low body temperature). Click here for the infographic Avoid, Spot, and Treat: Frostbite & Hypothermia.
For additional cold-weather related information see Stay Safe Outdoors in Cold Weather: Important Information, PA Regulations, & Position Statements. 2/1/21