Choose and Use a Child Care Health Consultant - Self Learning Module (2 hours)

Learn reasons and rationale for arranging for the services of a Child Care Health Consultant (CCHC). Explain the role of the CCHC and identify resources for help in locating a CCHC. View video segments accessible online. If you are unable to view the segments online, you can request a DVD that includes them by contacting ECELS.

These activities show how involving a CCHC will improve health & safety best practices in early education and school age child care programs. Review and consider examples of topics/cases to seek help from a CCHC. Identify ways to fund any cost associated with having a CCHC. PA child care practitioners may submit completed work for review for credit by scanning the completed pages of the self-assessment and attaching them to an e-mail, sending them by fax or by surface mail to ECELS. Be sure to follow the instructions in the “Important Reminders” box next to the list of self-learning modules on this webpage.

You must click just below the reminders where it says "Click here to order SLM reviews" to submit necessary information and payment for the review. (ECERS-ITERS: Personal Care Routines, Program Structure, Parents and Staff K7-C2-84. Download the attachment for more information and for details about how to use this Self-Learning Module. Updated 6/2017


Important Reminders

  • Each module must be independently completed for credit.
  • The per person fee is $15.00 for each module or recorded webinar submitted.    
  • Use the Module and Webinar Payment Form  when submitting for multiple people from one site.

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  • The per person fee is $15.00 for each module or recorded webinar submitted.

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