Audio-Visual Materials

Observation practice to identify health and safety issues in active play in an approximately 3 minute video

An approximately 4 minute video explains the unique aspects of adult learning

An approximately 3 minute video explains playful ways to engage adults in learning experiences that they will enjoy and afterward will use what they have learned. 

Observation practice to identify staff health issues illustrated in an approximately 2.5 minute video

An approximately 4.5 minute video explains the role of the child care health consultant (CCHC), the different settings where CCHCs work, and the frequency of visits recommended in national best practice standards.

An approximately 2 minute video explains the value of including child care health consultants as members of the team of experts who support quality early education and child care.

An approximately 4 minute video explains how early education and child care offers opportunities to bring together the priorities of families, health professionals and educators.

An approximately 10 minute video illustrates a day in the life of an early educator.

"The Magic of Everyday Moments" is a series of videos from Zero-to-Three that illustrate how to use every-day routines to help children acquire key skills and characteristics to become eager, competent learners. Teachers/caregivers and families can see demonstrations of what to do to teach children to form strong, healthy relationships with others as well as learning developmentally appropriate cognitive skills. Use the link to view the four, 4-6 minute videos in each of three series - a total of 12 videos. Soon, Zero-to-Three will add another set of four videos to the three sets already posted. View the videos at no cost on the website. Zero-to-Three also sells a DVD with the videos and a User Guide. To view the videos or purchase the DVD and User Guide, go to: 7/2015

An approximately 8 minute video illustrates the use of different types of visual aids, gives helpful hints about creation of effective slides and handouts, selection of tools that work best for a particular professional development activity