Fact Sheets

The California Child Care Law Center prepared this discussion about liability risk in 2002. It includes specific types of services that Child Care Health Consultants might be asked to provide for early education and child care programs. 

This fact sheet contains general information about diabetes in children for teachers/caregivers of children attending early education and before and after school child care programs. For more detailed information about this condition, see Managing Children with Chronic Health Needs in Child Care and Schools, 2010, available from the bookstore of the American Academy of Pediatrics at www.aap.org.  Updated 6/2018.

Common diapering errors can often lead to cross contamination in the early learning environment.  Addressing these 12 common errors properly will help reduce the spread of germs while diapering. Updated 5/2012

Discipline principles explained for parents and caregivers of children attending early education and care programs. Updated 6/2018.

Several states have conducted studies to determine the impact of the use of child care health consultants on child outcomes and program performance. The findings affirm that child care health consultants help early education and child care providers to improve health and safety in their programs. This fact sheet was updated in 2005. For a more recent review and a new research report, see Alkon A et al. Child Care Health Consultation Improves Health and Safety Policies and Practices. Academic Pediatrics 9:366-370, 2009.

This fact sheet offers general information for parents/legal guardians and caregivers about managing a child with a fever. Updated 11/2012

This fact sheet provides general information for parents and caregivers about hand hygiene, it's importance in preventing the spread of infectious disease in early education and care programs, and the procedures to follow for hand washing and for use of hand sanitizers. Updated 11/2012

In January 2007, ECELS/Healthy Child Care PA outlined the key gaps and necessary steps that ECELS recommends to improve the quality of early education and child care in Pennsylvania. This fact sheet provides data and talking points to guide policy-makers and other stakeholders seeking quality child care. Reviewed and reaffirmed 11/2012.

Steps for child care facilities to prevent illness. This approach is for all facilities, but will be especially helpful to those who want to meet the Pennsylvania standards for STARS.  Published in the February 2006 issue of Health Link Online. Updated 2/23/06. Reviewed and reaffirmed 11/2012.

Did you know common methods of warming formula can cause injury from scalds and burns?  Protect children and staff by following the tips in this fact sheet.  2/2016