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Nutrition and Wellness Tips for Young Children

Nutrition and Wellness Tips for Young Children

In February 2013, the USDA’s Team Nutrition released a new Provider Handbook. The USDA Team Nutrition website has the handbook available online.  You can use the great resources in the handbook online now. Hard copy print copies are available free of charge for online ordering in the summer of 2013. The handbook is for users of the Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP) and anyone else involved with a child care program.

This handbook includes a series of 10 tip sheets with advice about wellness.  There are 10 Nutrition Tip Sheets, 4 Active Play Tip Sheets, and 2 Appendices. The appendices are about Choking Prevention and Care for Children with Food Allergies.  Use the tip sheets to plan healthful meals and activities for children ages 2 to 6 years old.