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Asthma Prevention

Asthma Prevention

At www.noattacks.org, view clever songs and activities that teach children and adults how to prevent asthma episodes. This Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website is available in English and Spanish. It has five sections:

  • About Asthma
  • How to Prevent Attacks
  • Asthma Resources
  • Kids Stuff (for school-age children)
  • Media Center.

In the Media Center, hand puppets called the “Breathe Easies” sing one minute catchy message songs. View the Breathe Easies PSAs. Click here to watch them in Spanish!

Poor air quality can trigger an asthma attack. Use the EPA’s air quality daily forecast and sign-up for E-Mail Air Quality Alerts at www.airnow.gov. Learn about ways to reduce asthma triggers in schools at http://www.noattacks.org/triggers-in-your-school. From this part of the EPA website, download the Asthma Action Plan. The form lists relevant asthma triggers, instructions for asthma medicines, what to do for asthma symptoms, when to call for medical advice, and emergency phone numbers. Ask families to have the child’s health care professional complete the Asthma Action Plan, and share it with the child’s teachers/caregivers. Adults should share their own completed Asthma Action Plan with a supervisor.

To learn more about asthma in the early education and child care setting, use the ECELS Asthma Self-Learning Module for 2 hours of state-authorized training credit.