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Libby Ungvary - ECELS Staff Member for 20 Years

Libby Ungvary - ECELS Staff Member for 20 Years

 Libby came to work in ECELS at the PA Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics in 1993. Her masters degree in Health Education and experience as a Head Start Health Coordinator provided a sound foundation for the work. Until 2004, she was an ECELS Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator. In this role, she ably arranged, planned and delivered professional development for early education and child care providers.

When Libby stepped into the Director position in 2004, she brought her steady, calm, competent leadership to that role. Over the years, she has managed a variety of funding streams to sustain the mission of ECELS to improve the quality of health and safety practices in early education and child care programs. Her many and continuing achievements deserve to be celebrated! Pictured with Libby are PA AAP Executive Director Suzanne Yunghans (left) and ECELS Pediatric Advisor Dr. Beth DelConte (right)