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Health Insurance for Every Child in Pennsylvania

Health Insurance for Every Child in Pennsylvania

 In March 2014, Governor Tom Corbett and the Pennsylvania Insurance Department launched a new campaign to promote enrollment in the state’s Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP.) CHIP covers doctor visits for checkups or sick care, vaccines, dental care, eye care, prescriptions, mental health and more.

Now, more than 133,000 uninsured children in Pennsylvania have access to CHIP. All families need to do is apply! Do all you can to encourage families with children up to 19 years of age who do not have comprehensive health insurance to sign up.

For many families, CHIP is free - no copays or monthly premiums. Families with higher incomes may qualify for low-cost or at-cost CHIP. CHIP for any enrolled family includes the same comprehensive benefits. Families whose incomes fall below CHIP guidelines may enroll in Medical Assistance.

Encourage families who need health insurance to apply right away. Use the information on the internet, the TV and radio spots to spread the word. For more information or to enroll in CHIP, visit www.chipcoverspakids.com or call 800-986-KIDS. Help families go online or call if they would like assistance to do it. To view the excellent TV spot, listen to radio spots in English or Spanish, go to http://www.chipcoverspakids.com/chip-resources/resources-for-organizations-community-partners-and-school-districts/e-toolkit/downloads/. Use the ready-made posters and brochures to encourage families to apply. To order or download English and Spanish-language print materials, visit http://www.chipcoverspakids.com/chip-resources/resources-for-organizations-community-partners-and-school-districts/.