Resources Listed by Topic

This September 2010 updated child care health consultation resource list provides brief descriptions and links to websites commonly used by Child Care Health Consultants and others who provide technical assistance to improve health, safety and nutrition in early education and child care settings. Open the attachment for the list. 9/2010

This extensive list of weblinks and other contact information includes both national and Pennsylvania credentialled sources of information about specific types of special needs. It is intended for early educators, parents and health professionals who are caring for children with chronic physical, behavioral and developmental challenges. Prime print references are included as well. The list is also a part of the online self-learning module about caring for children with special needs. Updated 11/2013

ECELS staff prepared  an Emergency Plan Checklist that suggests items that would otherwise be overlooked. You can find other tools on this topic on the ECELS website by putting the term "emergency preparedness" into the search box on the ECELS website. Updated 11/2013.

The Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care (NAP SACC) project at the UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention has been updated on a new website called “Go NAP SACC.” Go NAP SACC features an interactive website. Look there for resources for children from birth – 5 years, a new focus on breastfeeding and infant feeding, screen time, and outdoor play. Go NAP SACC can be adapted for different child care settings, including family child care homes. The new Go NAP SACC website, found at, gives technical assistance professionals self-assessments and other tools to keep up to date with the activities and needs of child care programs. New materials will be added over the next several years. You can follow Go NAP SACC on Facebook ( and Twitter. Updated 5/2013

These excellent state, Head Start and national resources are packed with good ideas about how to foster developmentally-appropriate physical activities for infants and toddlers. Download and explore them to add variety and value to the curriculum for infants and toddlers. 3/2015

ECELS/Healthy Child Care PA recommends these Infant/Toddler resources to help all early education and child care professionals, consultants, and professionals working in early childhood to meet the needs and support the development of infants and toddlers. Many of the items on this list are in the Health and Safety Resources for STARS.  Please contact ECELS if you have questions about how to access these resources. Updated 12/2014

This CDC "flu" website is a good home base for information about influenze. It has handouts, clear explanations about the risks and protections. 12/2012

This updated list has links to specific information about nutrition, food safety and physical activity relevant to early education and child care programs.  Many of the websites offer detailed suggestions for menu planning and age-appropriate moderate to strenuous exercise. This list was updated for the Let's Talk telephone conference on The New Caring for Our Children Standards to Reduce Risk of Obesity for Young Children presented on 12/1/2010. 

These national websites have useful content on oral health for early learning and school age child care practitioners. Open the attachment to view a PDF with the links to national oral health organizations with resources for quality child care. 12/2012

This pest control website of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) includes an extensive list of pest management resources, with special materials about Integrated Pest Management in child care as well as handouts to download and distribute to parents and staff about the effect of pesticides on children. 12/2012