Email Alerts From ECELS - Disclaimer

ECELS-Healthy Child Care PA offers “E-mail Alerts” from ECELS to inform early education and child care professionals as well as health professionals about “breaking news in health & safety in child care” and when we have posted new material, newsletters, or other content relevant to the early education and child care community and others involved with improving the quality of care for children in group care settings.

ECELS will send E-mail Alerts from ECELS on a regular and periodic basis, usually no more than 1-4 times/month. We use E-mail Alerts from ECELS to inform those professionals who wish to be notified. E-mail Alerts from ECELS is a one-way (ECELS to you) list. It is does not work as a discussion group among members of the list.

ECELS has the right to prohibit access to the list for E-mail Alerts from ECELS to anyone.

All personal data provided to ECELS will be handled in accordance with the PA Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics policies concerning privacy.

Neither PA AAP nor ECELS will use E-mail Alerts from ECELS for the purpose of advertising or soliciting for commercial purposes, nor attempt to use E-mail Alerts from ECELS as a commercial vehicle. None of the information obtained from the E-mail Alerts from ECELS will be sold or distributed under any circumstances.

Your sign-up to the list for E-mail Alerts from ECELS is for that list only; your name and e-mail address will not be placed on any other list.

If your Sign-UpRemove-from-List or Update attempt fails for any reason, please contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (Toll-free for PA residents only) call at 800-243-2357. Non-PA residents may call 484-446-3003. Thank you.