Professional Development/Training

Health Professionals and Child Care Health Consultants will find ECELS recommended Professional Development/Training Resources listed here. Users will find credentialed, reliable sources of information about health and safety via these ECELS lists that offers links and other contact information for those that seem most helpful. Pennsylvania Early Education and Child Care Practitioners may use different types of professional development that ECELS-Healthy Child Care PA offers: Self-Learning Modules, Workshops, Audioconferences and Webinars. In addition, in collaboration with Northampton Community College, ECELS offers a 3 credit college course for early educators to learn how to be Child Care Health Advocates. All offerings are listed on this website. ECELS awards state-authorized professional development credit for successful completion of professional development activities. Explore the sections of this webpage that list the topics addressed by Self-Learning Modules and Workshops and the credit available for each. 

Some Self-Learning Modules are entirely on-line; a few include audio-visual materials that ECELS ships to the user.  All Self-Learning Modules require  payment of $15 per person for review of the module for credit. For more information contact ECELS by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 800-243-2357 in PA or 484-446-3003. 5/2019