Child Abuse and Neglect (Child Abuse Mandated Reporter) - Self Learning Module (3 hours)

Learn how to protect children in your early care and education (ECE) program from abuse and neglect. This module addresses how to prevent, identify and report child abuse and neglect. It describes your responsibilities as a mandated reporter as required by the Child Protective Services Law (CPSL). By using the recommended practices, you will help ensure the safety of children in your care.

To complete this module, view the 3 online video segments

  1. Segment 1
  2. Segment 2
  3. Segment 3 

The three videos are best viewed all at once. Use the three links below to the Document Packet, Glossary, and Instructions to Claim Credit for the current versions. Use the resources in the Document Packet and complete the Assessment and Case Studies. You may either download the Assessment and Case Studies to complete and email/surface mail to ECELS or complete and submit your documentation online at Follow the instructions in the "Important Reminders" box when you submit your work to ECELS for review for professional development credit.

This module is approved for Act 31 credit.

PA Professional Standards and Competencies for Early Childhood Educators (PA PSCEC):

  • Standard Area 7: Health and Safety 
  • 7a: Understand the importance of physical health and safety in creating environments that support young children’s learning and development.


  • Identify and follow current laws, regulations, and professional obligations to report suspected child abuse and neglect
  • Apply child abuse and neglect prevention efforts within families and among early care and education professionals
  • Identify signs and symptoms of child abuse and neglect (maltreatment)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of PA reporting requirements for mandated reporters

Reviewed and reaffirmed 11/2022

Important Reminders

  • Each module must be independently completed for credit.
  • The per person fee is $15.00 for each module or recorded webinar submitted.    
  • Use the Module and Webinar Payment Form  when submitting for multiple people from one site.

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