Pest Management: Integrated Pest Management - Self Learning Module (3 Hours)

Pesticides pose risks to growing children.  This module will help you learn how to keep pests out of early care and education programs and reduce the use of pesticides by adopting integrated pest management (IPM).  It uses the Integrated Pest Management Toolkit for Early Care and Education Programs from the California Childcare Health Program.  This module is most appropriate for directors who can make policy decisions. However, all staff may use the module for education and provide input on policy and practice for pest management.  We suggest writing your answers on the Assessment and Implementation Question document before entering your responses in Survey Monkey.  Be sure to follow the instructions in the "Important Reminders" box next to the list of self-learning modules on this webpage. Reviewed and reaffirmed 8/2022

Important Reminders

  • Each module must be independently completed for credit.
  • The per person fee is $15.00 for each module or recorded webinar submitted.    
  • Use the Module and Webinar Payment Form  when submitting for multiple people from one site.

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  • The per person fee is $15.00 for each module or recorded webinar submitted.

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