Care Plan for Children with Special Needs and Process to Enroll

These forms explain the process and documentation needed to enroll a child with special needs. The Process to Support Enrollment of a Child with a Special Need form is an algorithm or map that describes the steps to follow to obtain and use a care plan. The Care Plan is a form to gather key information to provide care for children with special health needs. The majority of early learning practitioners enroll children with special health needs. The form collects the essential information. It includes how to care for a child's daily needs and to handle an emergency. Early learning practitioners early childhood programs should arrange for parents and health professionals to complete the form when the child is first considered for enrollment and anytime a new medical condition develops. Download the forms in the links below. The Care Plan Checklist lists elements that may be required in a care plan for a child with a special health care need (if not using the care plan template included on this posting).

Reviewed reaffirmed 7/2022