ASQ Developmental Screening Free Online Tool

Easter Seals is offering a free online version of the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) developmental screening tool. Both parents and child care providers can use the ASQ to track children's development through age five. The tool can identify concerns for which children should receive appropriate services to be ready to enter K-12 school. The ASQ online does not include the component that evaluates behavior. However, it is widely accepted for basic screening. Many Keystone STARS programs are using a version of the ASQ now.

Be sure to have parents bring the results of the ASQ to their health care provider for review and discussion. This is especially important if the screening tool reveals concerns about the child's development. Child care providers should know how to refer children for further developmental evaluation. Call 1-800-CONNECT to access local Early Intervention services. Find the ASQ online on the website of Easter Seals Make the First Five Count: Reviewed and reaffirmed 7/2021