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Influenza Vaccine Required for Children and Caregivers

Influenza Vaccine Required for Children and Caregivers

Pennsylvania regulations already require that children receive vaccines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control, Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. All children over 6 months of age should receive flu vaccine. New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut are requiring that teachers/caregivers have influenza vaccinations too. Flu vaccine reduces the risk of severe flu for them, the children in their care and family members. Contact in child care is a well-known factor in the spread of influenza in the community. While the current flu vaccine is not perfect, it will reduce the risk. The flu season peaks in January-March. It’s not too late to get some protection from flu vaccine.

Good hygiene is important, but not enough. Be sure that all children and adults wash their hands on arrival at the facility. Be diligent about hand washing whenever there is possible contact with body fluids or a surface that might have body fluids on it. Teach using an elbow to catch a sneeze or cough if you can’t get to a disposable tissue in time.