Medication Administration Extra Credit

Extra Credit is available for users of the workshop about Medication Administration or the AAP Healthy Futures e-learning on this topic. For an additional hour of credit, participants who successfully complete the Medication Administration Workshop or the AAP e-learning may arrange for a licensed health professional to observe their performance of medication administration skills using a checklist provided by ECELS.

To receive this extra hour of credit, early learning practitioners should send the following items to ECELS as scanned attachments to an e-mail or by fax: 1) a copy of the certificate of successful completion of the Medication Administration Workshop, 2) the successfully competed Medication Admininstration Skills Checklist. The checklist must be signed and dated by the health professional who completed the form attesting to the satisfactory performance of the skills, and 3) a completed Registration Form. On the top menu bar, select Professional Development/Training, then Self-Learning Modules, and then select "Click Here to Order SLM Reviews." Complete the steps to request and pay for a review of your submitted work. (Hours of credit based on length of workshop between 2-4 hours with an additional hour available to those who arrange for the health professional observation skills check. 3/23/22