Share information on prevention, signs of and resources for brain injury in young children.  Ideal for parents and staff.  Reviewed and reaffirmed 6/2018.

Use this poster, prepared by the Indian Health Service Head Start Program to make toothbrushing an integral part of the day.  Toothbrushing in early childhood programs helps promote oral health and teaches children a lifelong health habit.  

Click here for the poster.  Reviewed and reaffirmed 6/2018.

Click on the title for the link to download a fully Illustrated, step-by-step, tri-fold Diapering Poster English version or Diapering Poster Spanish version. The poster shows the procedure for safe and sanitary diapering. The same steps apply to changing soiled underwear with the child lying down, a position that makes it easier to avoid contamination of the environment and proper cleaning of the child's skin. CCA Global created the poster with guidance from the staff of ECELS. Reproduce and distribute the poster freely to child care professionals. Be sure to retain the citation and copyright. The poster may not be sold without permission from CCA Global. The source of the steps in the poster is the 2019 online standards in Caring for Our Children, 4th Edition, a publication of the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Public Health Association, and the National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education. Updated 2/1/2022.

Every child care provider and family member needs to know how to respond quickly in an emergency. This 11x17 poster provides a fast reference for what pediatric emergency experts recommend to care for burns, scalds, fractures, sprains, head injuries, poisoning, skin wounds, stings and bites, choking and infant/child CPR. Available for purchase from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Order online at or call toll-free 888/227-1770. Reviewed and reaffirmed 6/2018.

Handwashing is a your best defense against germs.  Use this poster developed by the The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and The NC Department of Health and Human Services as a reminder about the importance and steps for handwashing.  Click here to access the poster.  Reviewed and reaffirmed 11/2022

This bright, highly graphic poster illustrates steps parents, teachers/caregivers can take to help children have healthy teeth. Click on the title to reveal the links to download the poster in English and in Spanish.  Reviewed and reaffirmed 6/2018.

Posting signs in play areas helps reduce injury from various hazards.  Review the signs appropriate for your play area.  Select a vendor to have the signs made and post them in your play area. Reviewed and reaffirmed 6/2018.

See the online (most recently updated) version of Caring for Our Children, 4th edition for the national stanards related to cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces in child care settings. Details about how to select a sanitizer and disinfectant are in Appendix J. The table that lists Routine Schedule for Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting is in Appendix K . Reviewed and reaffirmed 5/2019.